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Our latest innovation is Payments Manager. The products we build combine a passion for automation with vast data sets, deep expertise, and constant innovation. This passion inspired us to develop Payments Manager, a simple-yet-effective product that creates visibility of settlement details via one workflow.

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By reducing the number of manual touchpoints involved in the settlements process, Payments Manager instantly creates the following benefits:

Elimination of email communication

By removing email communication and and the implementation of a straight-through process, operational efficiencies are increased.

Identification of exceptions prior to settlement

Exceptions and failures are identified prior to settlement, long before they multiply into more significant problems.

Comprehensive audit trails

Simple and efficient completion of audit trails for all parties, thanks to all of your settlement communications being stored in one place.

Flexible connectivity across all your counterparties

Flexible connectivity enables access to Acadia's existing Margin Manager community of over 2000 firms.

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Find out more about Payments Manager and how it can streamline your OTC Derivatives settlement process.

  • Leverage existing robust network of over 2000 firms already utilizing Acadia's platform.
  • Gain visibility into settlement transactions and identify exceptions.
  • Invest now for future savings in funding & liquidity costs.