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Top Tips for UMR Phase 6: Recommendations from Phases 1-5

We canvassed our clients from Phase 1 through Phase 5 of uncleared margin rules to ask them what advice they would pass on if they had to repeat the regulatory program.  We have pulled together their top tips and best ideas to help ease the compliance journey in this one-hour webinar.

We focus on some key themes:
1. Calculating AANA
2. Threshold Monitoring
3. Documentation negotiation & KYC
4. Custodian/Tri-Party Selection
5. Eligible Collateral

Join Nicholas Cadotte, from PSP – one of Canada’s largest pension funds as he discusses with Mark Demo, John Pucciarelli and Robert Kirchner some of their experiences and challenges as they approached Phase 5 last year.

Phase 6 firms have the benefit of learning from five prior implementations of UMR. Acadia aims to share these experiences with real-life use cases.

Nicholas Cadotte – Derivatives Support Manager, PSP
Mark Demo - Head of Business Development, Acadia
John Pucciarelli - Head Industry & Strategy, Acadia
Robert Kirchner- Head of European Quant Services, Acadia