Integrated solutions for collateral teams

Fully automated collateral and margin management is now a reality

Collateral management has shifted from a focus on operational margin towards real-time exception management. We work with collateral teams to generate operational alpha through automation, optimization and access to margin analytics.


The AcadiaPlus platform provides real-time visibility across the entire trade life-cycle. Elevate your position in the market by managing the agreement, margin, and settlement process, while identifying potential inefficiencies.

Industry standard solutions

Adopting industry standard tools and workflows is a game-changer, improving operational efficiency and customer service. Our unique industry-led working group framework enables global financial institutions to reap the benefits of best practice.

Unparalleled asset coverage

Utilize our services across all collateralized margin agreements to maximize ROI. From OTC Derivatives, Repos, TBAs, to Cleared instruments, we have you covered.

Legal agreement workflow

Acadia is more than a platform – it's an ecosystem, built on an open-access model that brings together a network of global banks, asset managers, market infrastructures and vendors. We offer a centralized, digitized agreement management service that allows firms to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Integrated platform

Simplifying margin and collateral management

We make it easy for you to monitor, test, calculate, and report on all aspects of margin and collateral management.

Our Workflow Suite enables firms to transform their STP and reduce costly disputes. By providing a fully integrated process across asset types and workflows, firms can adopt a data-driven approach to collateral management.

Eliminate email

Margin Manager allows you to consolidate margin call communications across your entire counterparty network. It's an industry standard application for margin call management, used by a global community of over 1,600 buy-side and sell-side firms.

Seamless workflow

To maximize efficiency, processes must be linked and systems integrated. Our platform offers access to an entire suite of services, partner applications and internal systems, enabling end-to-end workflow.

Efficient settlement

We offer a range of options to enable settlement of your transactions. We cater to your requirements with links to SWIFT, DTCC's Margin Transit Utility, BNY Connect, and other tri-party agents.

Expert Insights

Learn from our expert insights

Our unique position in the market enables us to dig deep into industry trends, regulations and challenges. Stay informed and discover some of our recent thinking.

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Pushing for Industry Standardization of “The Machine”

December 2021

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Clarifying UMR Phase 5 & 6 requirements for firms under EMIR: Present & Future

December 2021

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Accredited Partners Program

We work with best-in-class partners who have each been selected for their innovation and contribution to a more efficient trade lifecycle

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