Working Groups

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IM Phase 6 Working Group

Targeted towards firms that are due to come into scope for UMR in September 2022. We cover all the elements required for your upcoming compliance.
Only eligible firms are permitted to join this call.

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Margin Workflow & Data Working Group

This working group is focused on how regulation changes affect the margin workflow.

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Payments Working Group

A group formed to build a new solution to support various payment processes such as payments on securities collateral (e.g. coupons, P&I, etc.) and swap reset payments.

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Partner Working Group

Attended by our extensive partner network, we provide a monthly overview of service updates, enhancements and new product launches as well as industry and new partner announcements.
This working group is open to all accredited Acadia partners. To become an Acadia partner, please contact

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Substitutions Working Group

The aim of this group is to discuss a new process flow for substitutions that meets the needs of all collateral agreement types we support.

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