Are you approaching Phase 6 of the Uncleared Margin Rules?

Acadia has a wide range of tools to suit every firm - having helped the majority of firms in scope for the Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) since the first Phase came into effect in 2016. We have a team full of expert knowledge on UMR regulation and can help you understand what needs to be done.

Whether you need help with your AANA calculation, IM Model Validation, or monitoring your Initial Margin (IM) exposure – Acadia has the tools to assist you. 

We can provide anything from finding out whether you are in scope and monitoring for threshold breaches to full calculation and exchange of Initial Margin. 

Take advantage of our experience and let one of our team guide you in the right direction.

"Do NOT underestimate the time needed to complete. There is a huge amount of negotiation involved."
- Phase 5 Firms

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Identification of In-scope

Aggregate average notional amount of non-cleared Derivatives will inform UMR obligations.

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Counterparty Disclosure

Early disclosure is highly recommended.

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Defining Approach

Selecting and communicating the best-fit approach for each organization.

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IM Threshold Monitor

Set up a process to monitor the IM threshold (up to max of 50M at group level).

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Calculation & Operational Set-up

Computing UMR margin and supporting daily operations will require firms to build or outsource new infrastructure.

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Custodian Set-up

Bi-lateral connectivity required to the custodians selected in 'Defining Approach'.

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Obtain Regulatory Model Approval

Firms require regulatory approval to use SIMM™ in their UMR compliance.

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Negotiate/Execute Documentation & Go-live Testing

Ensuring complete contracts and a tested workflow are live for each counterparty pair.

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Phase 6 UMR Go Live

Your UMR compliance journey has begun

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Start Planning

Request a meeting with one of our team to arrange an open discussion on how Acadia can help your UMR compliance project and what solutions best suit your firm.

Acadia can provide:

  • AANA Calculation
  • Initial Margin Monitoring
  • Initial Margin Exposure Calculation & Reconciliation
  • Backtesting
  • Initial Margin Model Validation
  • Full suite for calculation and exchange of Initial Margin

Join the working group

Are you interested in joining the UMR working group?

Acadia facilitate free, no commitment working group meetings for firms that are about to come into scope for UMR regulation in September 2022. These forums give firms the opportunity to hear from our regulatory experts & ask questions to ensure that they are ticking the boxes for their compliance.

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