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You’re live with UMR!

You've invested valuable time and effort into optimizing your processes and achieving compliance, which is a great accomplishment. However, given the scale of change you've undergone, we’d be doing you a disservice by not endeavoring for improvement. When it comes to streamlining your processes, making them more efficient, and ultimately saving you time and money, we can always offer more valuable insights.

Introducing the UMR compass health check.

This two-tiered, tailored workshop offers expert guidance from our team of risk management and quant specialists, assisting clients in navigating our comprehensive compliance resources to identify benefits that cater to their needs.

Tier one: The essential health check

Tier one: The essential health check

A complimentary 2-hour consultation from Acadia’s quant experts, where, based on the topics you want to discuss, we will provide insights and advice into your UMR compliance with a focus on reducing costs.

Tier Two: The essential health check

Tier two: The Premier Health check

Two half-day (3.5-hours) consultations per year, providing in-depth analysis of your firm’s UMR compliance with a focus on optimal margin management.

What can we help you with?

Select two of the areas below to create an improvement plan, varying in depth of analysis, based on your chosen tier:

  • Best practices for AANA calculation
    Provides methodology for specific, complex calculations and specific rules.
  • Grid versus SIMM calculation
    Make the right decisions early to avoid breaking rules by changing options.
  • Best practices for Model risk management
    Investigate new and rapidly increasing regulations with specialists.
  • Threshold-breaking scenarios (for IM monitoring clients)
    Understand the new requirements that follow a breached threshold.
  • Reducing UMR disputes for smoother operations
    Interrogate inconsistent sensitivity calculations which don’t match dealers.
  • Back testing and exception management
    Gain clarity about regulations, understanding the right resolutions.

Our senior Quant experts may require some information as part of their advance preparation and to maximize the value of the sessions.