Helping you streamline operations

Access the data that helps you to make informed decisions

Transform how you operate. The AcadiaPlus platform enables operations teams to significantly reduce manual intervention, eliminating errors and improving client servicing.

Reconciliation and reduction of disputes

When you eliminate people and email from the margin process, you focus on what matters, meaning the timely and efficient settlement of agreed collateral movements and the resolution of disputed amounts.

Fast and efficient messaging

Automation drives all operations teams. Wide-spread electronic messaging combined with integrated risk management has the potential to revolutionize your front-to-back workflow.

Deep Straight Through Processing

Deep STP combines data from multiple systems in a framework that enables near real time reporting of exposure and settlement, peer and counterparty performance, and dispute analysis enhanced by golden source data to separate operational differences from true disputes.

Digitization and centralization of data

Shared, digitized data within a centralized platform allows you to stay in control of your data. A single representation of data between you and your counterparties eliminates disputes and differences.

A fully integrated platform

Solutions that drive operational efficiencies

Revolutionizing collateral management

Leveraging the latest in cloud-based technology, Collateral Manager drives efficiency and reduces risk and costs for banks, buy-side institutions, outsourcers, and corporates. Realize its true value by integrating with Margin Manager, other AcadiaPlus applications, and settlement agents.

Extend automation beyond OTC Derivatives

Take advantage of your automation investment by utilizing Acadia services across all collateralized margin agreements. From OTC Derivatives, Repos, TBAs to Cleared instruments, Acadia has you covered.

Full counterparty coverage

Acadia's Relay service is designed for banks that want 100% client automation via a sponsorship model. Our solution is low cost and has maximum impact.

Collateral Optimization

As regulation levels the playing field, it is hard to make your business stand out. In collaboration with our best-in-class partners, a range of optimization services can be deployed to help firms achieve operational and digital alpha.

Expert Insights

Learn from our expert insights

Our unique position in the market enables us to dig deep into industry trends, regulations and challenges. Stay informed and discover some of our recent thinking.

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Pushing for Industry Standardization of “The Machine”

December 2021

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Clarifying UMR Phase 5 & 6 requirements for firms under EMIR: Present & Future

December 2021

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Accredited Partners Program

We work with best-in-class partners who have each been selected for their innovation and contribution to a more efficient trade lifecycle

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Quaternion Quant Services

Work with our quant services division and leverage the benefits

Our highly qualified team provides solutions for complex risk analytics. Their experience ranges from validation of risk models, derivatives valuation and regulatory compliance.

One Connection, One Solution

Bringing integrated risk management to you

Learn more about how the AcadiaPlus platform provides shared applications to Acadia and Partner services

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