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Regulatory Initial Margin Validation in Europe – What Phase 5 & 6 firms need to know

23 Nov 3pm GMT/10am EST

Panel: John Pucciarelli, Mark Demo, Robert Kirchner

Firms in scope for Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) and under EMIR regulation are subject to specific initial margin validation requirements. The long-anticipated ESMA Model RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards) with respect to Initial Margin (IM) model validation/approval has just been published for consultation.

This webinar will focus on the EU rules that impact Phase 5 & 6 firms as they relate to ISDA SIMM approval, validation and testing.  We explain the different approaches that firms can take and aim to demystify the RTS.

Our panel of experts will be on hand to answer any questions during this live virtual event.  The event is free to attend.


  1. Introduction to Acadia
  2. European Regulatory Update for UMR Phase 5 & 6 firms
  3. Review of EMIR Model RTS Consultation – Implications for Phase 5 and 6 firms
  4. How can Acadia help?
  5. Q&A

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