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Risk Assessment Client Forum

Tuesday 19th October, 3PM BST/10 AM EDT

The Risk Assessment Client Forum will provide an overview of Acadia’s risk program and an opportunity to discuss the benefits of adopting a standardized assessment methodology delivered through an industry backed utility that can accessed by all financial services participants.

Acadia, in collaboration with TruSight, has adopted TruSight’s standardized assessment methodology. This allows institutions to gain access to the required information in a structured, timely and efficient manner.


  • Overview of Acadia’s Risk Program(Acadia)
  • How clients can access Acadia’s risk assessment information (Acadia)
  • Key benefits of adopting a common process framework (Acadia)
  • Building utility value at scale – an overview of TruSight (TruSight)
  • Panel:
  • Assessment methodology across key areas of information and cyber security, privacy, business resiliency and other operational risk domain categories
  • Client Perspectives:  Client experience and industry benefits of leveraging a shared approach to third party risk
  • Program and the benefits that this shared data brings to the industry  

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