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What’s new in Margin & Payments Manager: A guide to new workflows

March 30 2022

Automating your margin process is key to driving efficiency and reducing risk. Acadia has been at the centre of the automation of margin calls for many years and has recently introduced the standardization of additional workflows including Payments, Interest Statements, Cleared Instrument and Substitutions.


Join product experts from Acadia as we discuss the benefits of standardizing your margin and payments workflow, leveraging your existing investment in Margin Manager.


We will walk you through the new workflows and explain how to get started with the expanded functionality. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions.



  • Introduction to Acadia’s margin automation capabilities
  • How to approach payments challenges - Payments Manager
  • Successes seen from automating – Client Perspective
  • Future Product Coverage and Workflows
  • Settlement Tracking Gateway
  • DTCC'S Margin Transit Utility
  • Q&A

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