Relieving the burden of complex regulations

Simplify compliance and operate with confidence

Our suite of integrated, industry standard solutions provides firms of all sizes with a cost effective implementation. Our regulatory solutions and Quant Services are designed to assist with UMR and other industry regulations.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Our experienced Quant Services team can help you to create your regulatory roadmap. We can advise on validation of pricing and risk models, and other complex projects that require valuable real-world expertise.

Simplifying complex calculations

For firms using the ISDA SIMM model for their initial margin calculation, we can assist with the generation of risk sensitivities and fully integrate calculations into the entire initial margin process.

Maximizing return on investment

We identify the right regulatory compliance methodology for you. By harnessing our experience and product set, our clients get a head start over their competitors.

Prudent risk management

We help you to balance prudent risk management with regulatory requirements. Through pre-trade analytics and optimization tools, we help firms realize significant savings in the long-term.

Holistic Regulatory Solutions

We combine expert advice with open source software and industry standard products

Shared knowledge

We focus on solutions that impact our community, enabling clients to remain compliant whilst enjoying optimal use of capital and liquidity. By leveraging our products and expertise, you can deploy resources more efficiently, lowering internal development costs and maximizing returns.

Taking IM Backtesting to the next level

To adhere to regulations in some jurisdictions, static or dynamic initial margin backtesting is needed. Our proven process helps you to remain compliant.

Monitor initial margin

Take advantage of regulatory relief to monitor your initial margin. With our IM Threshold Monitor, you can track of your daily IM exposure.

Dispute Management

Leverage the industry standard service for initial margin reconciliation and dispute management. Used by the majority of firms in scope for Uncleared Margin Rules, IM Exposure Manager was created by the industry, for the industry.

Expert Insights

Learn from our expert insights

Our unique position in the market enables us to dig deep into industry trends, regulations and challenges. Stay informed and discover some of our recent thinking.

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Uncleared OTC margin settlement and why a centralized, utility solution wins over an ‘everyone for themselves’ approach.

March 2023

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Uncleared Margin Rules transition from Multi-Phase Implementation to a focus on Optimal Margin Management

February 2023

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Accredited Partners Program

We work with best-in-class partners who have each been selected for their innovation and contribution to a more efficient trade lifecycle

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Our highly qualified team provides solutions for complex risk analytics. We've worked with clients on validating risk models, derivatives valuation, and regulatory compliance, as well as applications of AI in quantitative finance.

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Pioneering integrated risk management

Our suite of services streamlines your processes, and our Quants Services team provides invaluable advice and cost benefits for your business.

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