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IM Risk Generator | Acadia

Risk Suite. >. IM Risk Generator. Calculate and generate risk sensitivities. IM Risk Generator. Book a meeting. A seamless workflow in one simple step. We generate your risk sensitivities.

Acadia’s IM Risk Generator Recognized as Best Compliance Solution by FTF News | Acadia

Acadia’s IM Risk Generator Recognized as Best Compliance Solution by FTF News. May 12, 2022. Acadia’s IM Risk Generator Recognized as Best Compliance Solution by FTF News.

Index Decomposition | Acadia

Risk Suite. >. Index Decomposition. REDUCE SIMM COSTS WITH ONE SIMPLE CHANGE. IM Risk Generator: Index Decomposition. BOOK A MEETING. We decompose your index trades.

Capital Calculation Service | Acadia

Risk Suite. >. Capital Calculation Service. Providing an industry standard for capital calculation. Capital Calculation Service. Book a meeting.

Industry Risk Classification | Acadia

Industry Risk Classification. An essential risk mapping tool for firms utilizing ISDA SIMM™ for initial margin. Industry Risk Classification. Book a meeting.

Acadia | Building the Future of Risk Management

Risk Suite. Agreements Suite. Workflow Suite. Data Suite. IM Exposure Manager.

Risk Services Suite | Acadia

Risk Services Suite. book a meeting. Simplifying Uncleared Margin Rules compliance. Our Risk Services Suite (RSS) provides a standardized approach to UMR compliance.

An emerging data standard for the derivatives industry? | Acadia

When there are no standards for counterparty risk or risk transfer, these impacts can go unnoticed until it is too late.

Acadia Successfully Onboards Over 1,000 Phase 6 Initial Margin Firms | Acadia

by Phase 6 of the Initial Margin (IM) rollout of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) onto its AcadiaPlus platform.

Pre-Trade Analytics | Acadia

Risk Suite. >. Pre-Trade Analytics. Providing vital insight and analytics before trading. Pre-Trade Analytics. Book a meeting. Early view into expected IM Exposure.

Clients | Acadia

Risk. Offering Market leading integrated risk management solutions for the derivatives industry, our end-to-end workflow is for clients who specialize in managing risk.

Open Source Risk Engine | Acadia

Open Source Risk Engine. Open Source Risk Engine. Open source software for pricing and risk analysis. The risk analytics platform that global financial institutions rely on.