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No matter how IM impacts you, our UMR Collateral Suite is a new way of managing your IM exposure within a single platform.

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Manage your initial margin requirements with Acadia UMR Collateral Suite.

Seamlessly Integrated

Widely used by the market for managing initial margin – an interface to all counterparties in one place.

Dealer Data

The only place you can access the anticipated IM Exposure number from your dealer.

Pay as you scale

A solution that scales as your margin requirements do.

Easy Setup

Setup your account by sending us a trade file - it’s that easy!

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On the Margins: Finding a Solution for VM and IM Workflows.

How it works

Implement seamlessly to create fully automated workflows. End-to-End UMR compliance packaged for cost effectiveness and ease of use.

A complete solution for the calculation, management and exchange of initial margin.

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Options to suit every firm

Below Threshold

IM Threshold Monitor

Our monitoring option for firms under the threshold

A free-to-market web-based portal for IM exposure. Daily calculated IM exposures provided by your counterparties in one place.

  • All your counterparties in one place
  • Zero Cost
  • Notification threshold alarms sent ahead of breach
  • Multi-manager funds supported
  • Industry standard service
  • Low touch onboarding
  • No trade file required

Calc & Compare

Our option for firms under the threshold who require internal calculation of Initial Margin.

A comprehensive solution for the calculation and validation of Initial Margin.

  • IM calculation via SIMM or Schedule
  • Provides comparison of your calculated IM vs equivalent counterparty exposures
  • Build and customize reports to automatically monitor exposures and distribute internally
  • Prepares you in advance of threshold breach
  • Only one trade file required

Above Threshold

UMR Collateral suite

Our complete UMR Collateral Suite for firms likely to breach the IM threshold.

A complete solution for the calculation and exchange of Initial Margin.

  • IM calculation via SIMM or Schedule
  • Fully automated IM collateral workflow with messaging via Margin Manager
  • Bilateral sensitivity reconciliation via IMEM
  • Automated Custodian and Tri-Party settlement instruction
  • Only one trade file required
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One contract,  one trade file, one connection, one solution.

A complete solution for the calculation and exchange of Initial Margin.

IM Threshold Monitor

Start with IM Threshold Monitor – the perfect tool to keep track of your daily IM Exposure – one platform with all the support you need.

- Daily counterparty IM monitoring

- Threshold alerts when you come close to breaching

- All counterparties in one place

- Zero cost

Who's it for:

In scope firms that are below the Initial Margin threshold of $50m.

IM Exposure Manager

As your trading margin increases, you can seamlessly leverage the power of IM Exposure Manager. Used by all in-scope firms, globally.

Access all of your dealer IM numbers in one place with the ability to calculate your IM exposure to compare & reconcile against your dealer.

- Easy setup & implementation

- Centrally calculate Initial Margin exposures using ISDA SIMM™ or Schedule

- Reconciliation and dispute resolution

- Monitor exposure for all your trading counterparties

Who's it for:

Firms that will breach the IM Threshold of $50m instantly, or will build up an exposure of $50m over time.

Collateral Manager

A complete cloud-based collateral management application that supports the movement of cash and securities collateral.

Easily access your initial margin exposure in Collateral Manager via full integration with Acadia IM Exposure Manager.

- Full workflow functionality and automation across Portfolio Calculations and Trade Valuations, Margin Calls, Collateral Movements and Interest

- Integrated to Acadia Margin Manager to enable automation of margin call process

- Manage both your Initial Margin and Variation Margin workflow

Who's it for:

Firms with IM requirements over $50m.

Firms looking for a single process to support IM and VM collateral management.

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