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IM Exposure Manager | Acadia

IM Exposure Manager. Easily reconcile and calculate initial margin. IM Exposure Manager. Book a meeting. Industry standard solutions. Helping firms comply with uncleared margin rules.

IM Exposure Manager Japan | Acadia

IM Exposure Manager Japan. 規制を遵守するためにIMを簡単に計算し、照合が容易に. IM Exposure Manager. デモを予約する. 業界標準のソリューション. UMRへの対応をサポート. IM Exposure Manager (IMEM)は、証拠金規制への対応を支援します。

UMR Collateral Suite | Acadia

IM Threshold Monitor. Our monitoring option for firms under the threshold. A free-to-market web-based portal for IM exposure.

Korea Asset Pricing, Establishing Partnership with AcadiaSoft | Acadia

IM Exposure Manager. – the global standard for calculation and reconciliation of Initial Margin).

Acadia | Building the Future of Risk Management

IM Exposure Manager. Industry standard reconciliation, calculation and dispute resolution service, for firms subject to regulatory initial margin.

Collateral Manager Japan | Acadia

Collateral Manager Japan. 完全統合されたクラウドベースのシステムをご体験ください. Collateral Manager. デモを予約する. 担保管理に革命を. Collateral Managerは、銀行、バイサイド、業務委託業者、事業会社のリスクとコストを軽減します。

Acadia Successfully Onboards Over 1,000 Phase 6 Initial Margin Firms | Acadia

Nearly 900 firms are actively monitoring their regulatory IM exposure and set up for Acadia’s. IM Threshold Monitor. (IMTM). Over 200 firms have signed up for. IM Exposure Manager.

Risk Services Suite | Acadia

Agreements in Agreement Manager. 20,000. New agreements each quarter. 1,600. Community. 14.8 Million. Margin calls processed per year. Key Benefits of Risk Services Suite.

Perspectives 2022 - Reflection on the pace of change | Acadia

We expect that the balance of firms will begin by monitoring their IM exposures only. We developed our. IM Threshold Monitor.

Clients | Acadia

IM Exposure Manager. Learn more >. Risk Services Suite. Learn more >. Margin Manager. Learn more >. Model Validation. Learn more >. Delivering TRUE FOCUS for. Collateral.

Japan | Acadia

当社ではお客さまのために当初証拠金規制における感応度計算、担保交渉、担保決済を行っておりますが、このようなサービスを提供するに際しては、アカディアソフトのIM Exposure Manager が重要な役割を担っています。. 日本マスタートラスト信託銀行株式会社様. AcadiaPlus の紹介.

IM Risk Generator | Acadia

IM Risk Generator. Calculate and generate risk sensitivities. IM Risk Generator. Book a meeting. A seamless workflow in one simple step. We generate your risk sensitivities.